Power Apps, the TV commander in your Power BI dashboards

Power apps TV commander

Hello there,

Here is a little post on an interesting feature provided by the Power Platform while working with Power Bi Dashboards.
This feature consists in the integration of applications generated with Power Apps inside of your Power BI dashboards.

Power apps in Power bi dashboard
Interacting with data through Power apps in a Power BI Dashboard

To do so, you just need to create an app and go to your dashboard to insert the app : (tablet layout for a dedicated page in your reports or Phone layout preferably for a page corner integration)

Select Power apps, any data from your data sources and choose existing or create an app

This feature is pretty useful for many scenarios, where you need to interact with the data you are visualizing.
In those scenarios, you will be able to create a little application connected to your data source(s) in order to act on specific data. Know that you can also start Power Automate workflows from Power apps like refreshing a dataset 😏

To do so, you will need to create a Power automate flow triggering from Power apps with only on action, refresh a Power BI data set. To ensure you are refreshing the right Dataset, you can specify it in the flow or make it dynamically called from Power apps : 🔥

Instant flow triggering from Power apps, you can ask data to Power apps so you will provide it in Power apps (Here the dataset name)
From a ‘onselect’ (here a button), select actions from the ribbon and Power Automate. Then choose the right flow and configure the trigger with ‘ask in Power apps’ parameter.

I hope you found some useful information in this article, I will see you soon in the blog section !

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