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If you are using Office 365 on a regular basis, you might have noticed some changes in the User Interface: Microsoft updated Office 365 icons

Office 365 home page new icons

After 5 years of great services, Microsoft finally decided to release a new identity for its front production application (not PowerBi for instance). And the timing is not meaningless because Microsoft apps did evolve drastically in a short period of time.
We have seen many improvements related to cross platform and mobile integration, collaborative features and AI driven functionalities.
The hard work focusing on keeping things simple while providing more and more productivity features for end users is following its way. In a sense, we already see and can foresee a huge place for AI helper features in a short period of time.

 it is time to design a visual branding in line with tomorrow’s challenges !

In the picture bellow, we can track the Microsoft Word icon evolution since 2003 :

Word icon evolution
Microsoft Word icon evolution

And here the video Microsoft made to announce the new icons

Meet the new icons for Office 365

In the following link you will find the new icons in a PNG transparent format. So you can download and use them in you presentation 😉

Open OneDrive link to the icons

Here was my thought, what are yours ?
See you in the blog !

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