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Welcome to Behind the collaborative scene !
In this website, I would like to share my experiences around the Microsoft 365 collaboration ecosystem. Therefore, my objective is to provide you with regular news, useful features coverage and implementation examples.

In the hope that I can contribute to the growth of the IT community around the Microsoft 365 collaborative ecosystem, I will do my best to make my articles clear and understandable to the most.
As does the technology, the topics covered here will evolve with time. So far, I identified the following subjects I would like to cover:

  • Communication with Exchange / Outlook
  • Collaboration and communicating using SharePoint
  • Cloud document storage on OneDrive
  • The (ex)new born Teams platform and all its benefits
  • Easy mobile apps with PowerApps
  • Business processes with Microsoft Flow
  • Building script with PowerShell
  • Application development using the C# language
  • JavaScript / TypeScript based solutions

Most of the client I am working with are taking advantage of the Microsoft 365 collaborative services through the Cloud. Thus, I would like to focus on the Online version of the products.

At the moment, Behind the collaborative scene is under construction. Right now, I am working on the design and navigation in order to create a relevent environment for the articles I will be posting.
I plan to work on the first articles by the beginning of March 2019 (SOON™). For this reason, I invite you to keep this site aside and come back by March / April to see what’s new !


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