Synchronize all documents from a Microsoft Teams Team

Synchronization Teams


Here is an article about a little trick when synchronizing documents from a Microsoft Teams Team.
The Teams interface propose you to synchronize documents from a channel, so you can end up with distinct synchronization for each channels. If you want to synchronize all the documents from a Team, you can navigate to the Team’s SharePoint site and select Documents from the left navigation. This will let you see every channels as a folder :

Synchronize all documents from Microsoft Teams

While using this trick, there is two important point to take in considerations.
First, you will only synchronize standard channels’ documents. Private channels are stored in a dedicated SharePoint Site.
Second, when you rename a channel in Microsoft Teams, the folder in the SharePoint site will keep the initial name. So rename channel wisely or create a new one if possible 😉.

I hope you found this tip useful, see you soon in the blog section !

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