Planner improvements with Microsoft Teams

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Hello everyone,

Here is a little news about the great changes made to Microsoft Planner recently. The service has now a strong dedicated app in Microsoft Teams for you to manage personnal your tasks and tasks provided by shared plans in a single place. ❤

Planner app in Microsoft Teams
Here is the new Planner app for Microsoft Teams

What’s new ?

The Planner service have seen quite a lot of changes in the past two years. Today, we can appreciate the value carried by the consistency of the work done and the coherence with improvement on other services like Microsoft Teams.

Planner has now a dedicated app that you can pin on the Microsoft Teams left rail. This app is independant from Teams or Plans, it is the place where you can manage your personnal tasks, and tasks provided by plans you are members of. Here is an illustration on how to find it :

Open the Planner app from Microsoft Teams
Select the … menu and look for Planner to access it from the left rail menu

The interface allow you to navigate between your personal ToDo tasks and Shared Planner plans :

Planner app interface Teams

To promote ?

A pretty interesting app that you can suggest a targeted population though a setup policy from the Microsoft Teams admin center. Select or create a policy and click Add apps to search for Planner :

Pin Planner app Microsoft Teams setup policy

I hope you found some interesting information on this article, see you soon in the blog section !

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