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Hello dear Readers,
In case you didn’t notice, you can now pin apps to the Microsoft Teams left rail.

Microsoft Roadmap

This capability and app integration improvements are well explained in this post from the Microsoft Teams blog.

It means you can now attach apps in the left rail to access them in just one click, no matter where you are in Microsoft Teams. It is propulsing Microsoft Teams even further to the state of Hub for Teamwork. Seamlessly accessing Microsoft services and Third-party apps within one tool.

To pin an app, just click on the three dots, search for an apps then right-click it to reveal this new Pin option.

Here is the example with planner :

Pin app in Microsoft Teams
Pinned app in Microsoft Teams

Just in case you are wondering what apps are available, you can check out this catalog where you will find Microsoft approved apps.

Note that the organization can control Microsoft Teams behavior regarding apps by defining policies and assigning user to them. You will find the configurations under Teams apps from the Microsoft Teams admin center:

App policies for Microsoft Teams

Here is the documentation for the App permission policies to control what application can be used in Microsoft Teams

App permission policies in Microsoft Teams

Here is the documentation for the App setup policies to control app pining and the ability to upload custom apps

App Setup policies in Microsoft Teams

You are now ready to pull your favorite apps inside of Microsoft Teams, see you in the blog section!

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