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Hello there,

Here is a little news about Microsoft Teams.

I would like introduce some features to you to improve visibility of your messages for your teammates. These feature are here to help you emphasis important aspects of the collaboration process you are involved in.

The Fist one is that ability to post a message in multiple channels / Teams.
The way to do it is pretty simple, when posting a message in a channel simply click on the “Format” icon to reveal extra configurations for your post.
In this section you will find the classical tools to improve the visibility of you message plus a menu on the top allowing you to select multiple channels where you want your post to appear.

Cross channel posting

Simply choose the channels you have access to and voilà. Your post will reach multiple Teams / Channels 😉
This feature is very convenient when you need to share information to different audiences within your organisation.

Another feature available in Microsoft Teams is the announcement layout.

This feature allow you to set a banner with a Title, plus a subtitle on your posts. Using this announcement feature coupled with mentions (@TeamsName or @person) will ensure your message will be caught in a busy working environment 😎
I am telling you this because we trend to post messages on chat like we talk, resulting in much more difficulty for “the information” to be visible and sometimes drowned by reaction posts (which is a good thing, we collaborate you know 🤣).

To use the announcement layout, while posting a message you can click on “Format” then choose announcement in the top menu. There you can choose a picture to set as a banner, a Title for you post, subtitle and the regular message itself.

Annoucement in Microsoft Teams

I hope you found those informations intereseting and hope to see you soon in the blog section 😊

Take care my friend !

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