Link run only users of your Power Automate flows to SharePoint users

Power automate run only sharepoint

Hello folks,

Here is a little post about a very handy aspect of managing Power Automate flows access rights when they are related to SharePoint Actions, and Microsoft Teams by extension.

While setting-up an automation that will save your team daily precious minutes, you will have to consider who will help you to design and maintain the automation and also who will be able to run the flow.

At this point, you might be happy to know that there is a SharePoint picker menu you can use to synchronize the run only permissions with a list or library access rights. This way you can ensure ‘theoretically’ no maintenance action required for the automation itself – everything centralized with SharePoint access rights.

Here is how it works :

After selecting your Power Automate flow, you will land in a description page similar to this :

Run only user Power Automate
Selecting Edit in the Run only users will provide you an interface to pick users and groups

From there you will be able to link the run only permission of this flow to the SharePoint list or library that you use on the flow actions :

SharePoint Run only User Power Automate

If you need more information about this feature, here is an article you can begin with.

I hope you found this information useful, take care and see you soon in the blog section !

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