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Hello everyone,

We are back on track with a new post on an interesting capability for Power automate while posting messages on Microsoft Teams.
Automating messages posting on Microsoft Teams is very useful when building low code solutions. This way you can notify your Teammates about the outcomes of your solution. Additionally, you can ensure they get a notification on your messages by mentioning them directly when posting a message from Power Automate.

This feature can be useful in many scenarios. You might want to notify someone from an important decision like an approval outcome. Or send automatic reminder to someone at a specific date. And all of this in the context of a Team, discussion or a group discussion.

Microsoft added a dedicated action for Teams in Power Automate where you can provide an email for a dynamic content to be used in the next steps of your flow. Beware that you can just provide an email, providing a channel name / Team name or even a Tag is not supported yet.

Providing an email to the “Get @mention token for a user” action
Retrieving the dynamic content on actions such as “Post a message in Teams”

Now that you can also use the at tag directly in the body of your message whithout using the “Get @mention token for a user” action. It will only work for an email, no Team name/ channel name or Tag supported.

The example above show how to use “@mention token” and <at> tags to mention a specific user in Power Automate

In some case you might want to mention a channel or event set the message as important. You can do it using the “Invoke HTTP with Azure AD” action, you will then need a premium license. you can find more information in this article.

I hope you found what you were looking for in this article. You can now bring more life to you automations ⚡

See you in the blog section!

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