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Hello there !

My name is Antoine, I started to work full-time on the Microsoft 365 collaborative solutions in 2016.
From that time, I have spent an tremendous amount of time on gathering information on the subject. Whether it is by participating to events, browsing training materials proposed by Microsoft and its partners, searching in forums or talking with the professionals I met.
I follow you, the massive amount of topics to cover and their continuous evolution might appear as a pain for new comers.

Based on this feeling, I decided to build a website where I could describe my work, on a wide range of topics, going as deep as I can to understand the core concepts.
Behind the collaborative scene becomes the support of this will. I plan to use it as an anchor to publish short news articles on the evolution of the Microsoft 365 collaborative solutions. A blog section where I will describe the concepts I am interested in, and a guide area to propose some guidance or discovery information.

The objective of BTCS will be to propose a point of view rather than a truth. The principles I will describe are not to be taken literally. If I can interest you on a subject, the foundation you will find in this site will allow you to gain a precious time to go further.

To end this article, I think that knowing what we are looking for comes with experience, the rest is just a matter of hard work and dedication.
I hope you will find topics that will clarify your researches on Behind the collaborative scene.

See you in the blog section 🙂






-Microsoft Surface Hub 2s – Partner Adoption
-Microsoft Surface Hub 2s – IT pro
-Microsoft Surface Hub 2s – Partner sales
-Microsoft Service Adoption specialist



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