PowerShell with SharePoint Online

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PowerShell can help you to automate administrative actions like managing permissions, creating and configuring site, lists, libraries and so on. In this post, you will find information on how to run PowerShell against SharePoint Online. Available modules Client Side Object Model Running PowerShell against SharePoint Online is quite simple. With your SharePoint admin credentials in …

“With” and “setFocus”: Handy formulas for Power Apps

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Hello there, A little news on two handy formulas for Power apps recently released : “With” and “setFocus” Here is some reference for the first one : “With” documentation This formula allow you to simplify complex formulas by dividing them into sub formulas. The syntax is the following :

For instance, you can use …

Organization wide resources and news

Organization wide news and documents

While users are becoming more powerful toward their information system, SharePoint is evolving to fulfil the need to identify organizational wide resources. In this article, we are going to cover the following capabilities a SharePoint administrator can provide to it’s users : Organizational asset libraries Tenant’s organizational news site Let’s start with tenant’s organizational asset …